Friday, April 20, 2012

Facebook in 5 Minutes - Timely Posting

Today's Tip is centered on promoting your Facebook Business Page by creating posts that relate to what's happening in the world. Remember social media started as a way to share and be social. What do people like to talk about? The time honored and easy conversation starter if you have nothing else in common...the weather. Why is this? It's happening right now and everyone is affected by it. Now you don't have to always post about the weather - unless you really like to and I'm sure there are some meteorologist who would love these kinds of posts. So what else is going on in your world - in your fans' world?

What is Happening Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow?
You want people to visit your page and check back often because what you are posting is applicable to their lives NOW. Yes, we've talked about posting specials, coupons and blogs but there are also moments when you want to share and discuss items with more personality.

Here are some ideas:
• Hot news item - great especially if its local (if your fans are local too)
• Thought provoking picture - perfect way to get people talking (be sure to ask their thoughts)
• Trending viral video - people love to watch stuff
• An event or location - going somewhere this weekend? Ask people if they've gone or have any suggestions.
• Holidays and Observances

Don't Be Late!
There is a fine line when posting timely information. Basically, the line is this...if it's not happening "yesterday, today or tomorrow" consider WHY you are posting it. If you have an update or a new take on something old - that's great. You want people to believe your page and its content is updated and current. You don't want to arrive to the conversation late or run a topic into the ground.  

Time for Action
Check out your favorite forum for news, topics, videos, pictures and more and start a conversation on something going on right now. If you don't have time - upload a pic representative of Earth Day (coming up on Sunday) and create a post about appreciating the environment. This takes just a few minutes but it can improve your fan interaction.

Facebook in 5 Minutes in April from Qlixite
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