Thursday, January 5, 2012

PayPal Review for Small Business Credit Card Processing

As a company that likes to help small businesses experience more success, Qlixite is now incorporating reviews of products and services.

This Review overviews how using PayPal can take your Small Business Credit Processing to the next level.

Who would find PayPal useful?
This review will cover merchant services offered through PayPal useful for physical and online transactions. If you are interested in providing options for your cutomers in regards to paying by credit card or instant transfer...this is for you!

■ Getting a traditional credit card processing system involved
■ applying for and obtaining a merchant account,
■ leasing hardware,
■ getting something called a gateway, and
■ then there were all the fees.

Is PayPal easier?
Yes! When you visit PayPal’s site, you can learn about all of the details of their merchant account (Honestly - the website can be a little difficult to navigate) but suffice it to say - it's easy to set up and operate with a low monthly fixed fee.  Their only disadvantage was the percentage on transactions was slightly higher than traditional credit card payment processing options.

What is not so great about PayPal?
• Be sure to compare the fees and percentages. Depending on your type of business of sales volume, you might be better served by a different company like PayJunction.
• If you offer more than 25 products, you may want to use a third party shopping cart that will automatically generate and organize your online store. We like Quick Shopping Cart from ThisIsMyDomainUSA or GoDaddy. Making each button individually can get a little tedious.
• If you like to offer coupon codes, you will find that PayPal is not equipped for that. Again, we suggest a third party shopping cart.
• Customers might not like PayPal - make sure you say on your website that customers can use their credit card because there are people who do not like PayPal.
• Their customer service by phone can be great one minute and then you can get someone who doesn't know what their talking about.
• Their website has a ton of info but can be a little confusing.

PayPal offers many solutions and packages for businesses.  Here is a basic overview of their two major products:

Website Payments Standard

Process credit cards directly on your website with Website Payments Pro, our merchant account and gateway in one.
  • Clear pricing, no hidden fees (See Pricing)
  • No long-term commitments or monthly minimums
  • Works with most popular shopping carts
  • Lower total payment processing costs
  • Buyers paying by credit card never leave your site
  • One account for everything - No need to maintain separate relationships with a merchant account bank, a gateway, or credit card companies. PayPal handles all your payment processing as well as your reports, statements, billing information, and account support. It works with most major shopping.
  • Easy to read reports and downloadable logs into Excel, Quickbooks and Quicken.
  • Get your Money fast! (Transfer to bank account, spend it via PayPal or withdraw cash at an ATM)
  • Open your business to international sales - US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros, Australian dollars, GB pounds and Japanese Yen

Website Payments Pro
With Website Payments Standard, you can add a payment button to your site and accept credit card orders securely. Here are the basic features...
  • Your customers don't even need a PayPal account
  • Easy button setup, no programming skills required - (choose from Buy Now, Add to Cart, Subscribe and Donate Buttons)
  • No setup, monthly or cancellation charges (See Pricing)
  • No credit application
  • Need to accept recurring payments of varying amounts? There is an optional program that costs $19.99/month. (Includes automatic billing and installment plans)
  • Compatible with most major shopping carts.
  • Easy to read reports and downloadable logs into Excel, Quickbooks and Quicken.
  • Get your Money fast! (Transfer to bank account, spend it via PayPal or withdraw cash at an ATM)
Paypal also offers more online and virtual terminal solutions if you are interested in operating your business solely via online sales. Review all of their products by clicking Here.


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  2. Great find! Thanks a bunch – I applied but did not get instant approval.
    Not sure if they have the same reconsideration process as Chase but will wait and see.
    Used the link you provided so hopefully I get approved and you get a referal bonus.
    Thanks again mommypoints.process credit cards

    1. Hope you found the right credit card processing for your business!

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