Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vehicle Advertising: Take Your Business on the Road

Advertising takes on many forms for a small business. You may try postcards, leads groups, ads in magazines or newspapers or of course - online advertising like Facebook or Google Ads. But there is definately an avenue of advertising that is affordable and wildly effective. What are we talking about?

Vehicle Advertising!

Imagine the usual traffic jam - whether it's on the highway or in line to drop of kids at school. Everyone sits, in their cars, trucks and even campers waiting for the car in front of them to move. They are almost begging for something to look at that is more exciting than the license plate cover ahead of them that says "I'd rather be..." Now, you might know exactly what we mean because you have been in this situation. One might think this is not the moment to advertise your business - but you'd be wrong!

Here's 5 Reasons Why

1. Impressions Galore

The Federal Highway Administration reports that a vehicle sporting an advertisement generate up to 23,000 impressions per day in a metro city. Now, maybe you don't live in a metro city but just think about how many cars you pass on your way to work, the grocery store, the bank, soccer practice and even on vacation. All of those trips in your vehicle are advertising oportunities for people to be exposed to your business.

2. It's Never NOT on Duty

Vehicle advertising works for you around the clock, every single day and night, 365 days a year for as long as you have it on your car. Whether you are driving or parked in a parking lot - your vehicle advertisement is a non-stop marketing machine working for you!

3. Stats Speak for Themselves

98% of Vehicle Advertising creates a positve image for the advertiser
97% of customers remember seeing a specific vehicle advertisiment of a business they buy from
96% of drivers and pedestrians say they notice words and pictures displayed on vehicles

4. Reach a Wide Demographic

Most American's (96%) spend time in a vehicle as either the driver or passenger at least 2-3 times per week. Many of us drive or ride in a car every day! This isn't an age, wealth or interest specific type of advertising. You can reach a vast number of people - all who could potentially be your next customer.

5. Cost Effective for You

Many kinds of advertising charge you for the length of time an ad runs and the quantity of people it (might) reach. While you pay for a vehicle advertisment in the beginning, you don't pay again! Many vehicle decals last for 2-5 years which means this initial cost spread out over this long span of time rates as a cost effective method of advertising.

There are many different kinds of vehicle advertising options - from decals to window graphics and more! While some are permanent (perfect for commercial vehicles) - others are easily removable and work great for your own personal car, truck or RV. Take the lead that even the big businesses employ and take your business on the road with vehicle advertising!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Online vs Traditional Advertising Methods

As the saying goes, "Nothing changes if nothing changes." However, if everything out there is changing except you - you can be you're getting left behind. The growth of online information technology has changed the landscape of business marketing. The internet has replaced or vastly altered traditional advertising mediums such as magazines, newspaper, radio and television. All of these once "print only" mediums have online versions. With a good strategy and market awareness; businesses can utilize the internet to achieve effective and cost efficient marketing. Below are a few comparisons drawn between online and traditional advertising.

Online Advertising is Targeted

Instead of wasting time and effort (as well as lots of money) to send out mass mailings and junk mail with low return on investment, businesses can allocate their money smarter and more efficiently with online advertising by targeting specific audiences who are actually searching for your business, product or service.

Tracking and Conversion

Here’s the big question - How many people have been exposed to your ads? It’s very difficult to measure the effectiveness of direct mail, newspaper and TV advertisements. Online advertising however, empowers businesses with powerful tracking tools that can measure the smallest details such as impressions, conversions and Return on Investment.

Entry-level and Ongoing Fees

Yellow page ads or a magazine ad placement can be very costly. Internet advertising has yet again empowered the users to control their budget by allowing various bidding methods and low initial fees. Due to the targeted nature of online advertising and the ability to track the effectiveness of ads, making instant adjustments to campaigns is much cheaper than non internet advertising mediums.

Internet Gives Businesses Control

The biggest advantage of Internet advertising is that it is the most powerful communication tool available. It can reach households and other businesses via computers, mobile phones and tablets. Rather than allocating your efforts on finding different mediums for various regions and audiences; you can focus on what you do best and let your clients come and find you by setting up targeted campaigns.

Better Branding

Any form of advertising helps in improving the branding, but online advertising stands a notch higher in effectiveness. Internet advertising can expose a small business to potential customers all over the world. When used for the right products and in the right way, it has the potential to reach more customers for less money than any other form of advertising.
Online advertising is a powerful tool for businesses to have in their marketing strategy to effectively get the word out and achieve their marketing goals.