Thursday, August 23, 2012

Easy Business Answers: How to Create a Business Logo Design?

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Today’s we’re asking the box a branding question about logo design.

Do I need a logo?
The truth is, despite the old adage, people DO judge a book by it’s cover. Your logo is the “cover” to your business. It’s the first thing a potential customer sees (whether it’s on your business card, a website or storefront signage). A logo promotes your professionalism and instills trust to your customer that you are a legitimate business.

  Can a logo be just text?
Yes! Many companies have been very successful with a text-based logo. Be aware that certain fonts will convey different messages about your brand.

For example:
• A block font can express a clean, modern or assertive presence
• A decorative or serif font can express creativity, humor or elegance

Avoid using overly common fonts that can appear less professional.

What  kind of graphics should a logo have? 
Many business use a shape or graphic to establish a visual identity. Think of companies like Starbucks, Twitter and Apple. Their graphics are not necessarily complex but the images are distinct – in most cases a customer can identify the company without seeing the name . A word of warning, if you choose a generic image, be aware that other businesses could have your graphic too which will make branding more difficult.

What about color?
A good rule of thumb when creating your logo is to see if it passes a few color tests …

#1 Black and White – Reviewing how your logo looks in black and white can catch a variety of problems right away and will ensure that your logo can be easily transferred onto items like ink pens or shirts.

#2 Flat Color  – This helps you look at how the colors are laid out without adding the details of shading. Reducing your logo to flat colors can allow you to pick up areas that are unclear or cluttered.

#3 Background – Inevitably, there will be a time when your logo needs to be displayed on a light or dark background. Try it out now! If you want to make sure your logo is only viewed on one kind of background, you may have to incorporate a shape, like a box or circle to make it easily transferable onto any color.

Do I need a graphic designer to make a logo?
Of course not! However, it’s important to note that a professional graphic designer knows how to convert your brand into a variety of print-ready formats including vector files and web optimized graphics. This is not as easy to do if you create your logo in a program like MS Word.

One final point…
Whether your logo is simple or complex – it should be memorable. It should stand out from your competition in the same way that your business stands out. Be sure to show your logo design to friends, family and current clients to get feedback. You’d hate to be memorable for the wrong reasons like these guys who ranked in the tip 10 worst logos online.

As always, let’s end with our high five review... a logo design should…
• Include text in a font style that matches your company
• Include a unique graphic or shape
• Pass color tests to ensure it can be used easily
• Be convertible to multiple formats that are print and web ready for future use
• Be memorable and get positive feedback from your customer base

We hope this video helps you to better understand logo design and how it can impact your business….

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