Monday, April 16, 2012

Facebook in 5 Minutes - Post an Event

Today's Tip is centered on promoting your Facebook Business Page by creating a formal 'Event' using Facebook's create an Event tool. By utilizing this tool (as opposed to just listing the event date in your post), you can select guests, add a picture and allow people to RSVP.

What Qualifies as An Event?
Events can really be anything you want! If it is date and time specific, you could make an event to draw attention from fans.
• Open House
• Product Debut
• Office Party
• Friends and Family Savings
• Local Event or Trade Show

How to Create an Event?
• Go to your business facebook page
• In the Status bar (where you normally create a post - click on 'Event, Milestone +'
• Click on 'Event' - a new screen will open
• Type an Event Name - make it clear, catchy and memorable
• Specify date, start and end times
• Type a location - you can add a street address
• Type details to explain more about the event. Remember you are 'selling' why someone would want to attend or tune in to your event so be brief but answer the questions attendees might have.
• You can select guests - you fans will automatically be notified of your event so this allows you the option to select personal friends who might not yet be a fan of your page.
• Choose whether you want the guest list to be shown on your event page. This can be positive if you believe your fans know one another but it can be detrimental if people decide not to attend because they're aren't sure if they will know anyone at the event.
• Allowing non-admins to write on the wall means people can post on this event wall specifically. This is a great option in case people have questions about this event. If this is a reoccuring event, you can encourage people to post their thoughts on the last event to incentivise more attendance this year.
• Finally - add a picture to promote your event. Three words...People-love-pictures. Again, this is all about incentivising people to attend - so give them what they want!

Time for Action
This can be tough because you might not have an event coming up...then again, maybe you do! Will you attend any expos, fairs or trade shows as your business? Is there a big sale coming up? Take a moment to think about what you could broadcast to your fans. If you don't have anything yet - post "Happy Monday!" on your wall and take your five minutes to brainstorm an event for your fans. Be sure to give people a couple of weeks notice of an event. Too far in advance, unless reservations are required, will result in people forgetting about your event. Events are a great way to reinforce that it pays to be a fan of your page. It only takes 5 minutes!

Facebook in 5 Minutes in April from Qlixite
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