Thursday, April 5, 2012

Facebook in 5 Minutes - About Keywords

Today's Tip is centered on promoting your Facebook Business Page with keyword rich "About" content. When you look at your page, below your profile picture is a light blue bar that includes information like what type of business you are, your address, phone and hours. BELOW that is the word "About" - click on it. Welcome to the section that should tell everyone the details about you. Whether you have a lot written or not much - it's important that you add keywords to this section.

How do I edit the 'About' Section?
• Since you are the Admin of your page - when you hover on a section, an 'Edit' button will appear in the top left corner of the section - click on it.
• Click 'Basic Information' from the left menu.
• You're Here!

Adding Keywords to Your Content
• Before you make any changes - take a moment to come up with 3 keyword phrases that relate to your business, product or service. Think about what people might be typing into a search engine to find something you offer. Keywords can be one word or 2-3 words that make a phrase. (Stay away from 'stop words' like a, at, I, in, my, and, etc.)
          - DIY Bride Tips for a Florist
          - Tire Rotation Schedule for an Auto Repair Center
          - Identifying New Tax Laws for an Accountant
          - Solar Panel Cleaning for a Window Cleaner
• Take your 3 keyword phrases and add them to your content. Use each phrase at least twice in areas like 'About', 'Description', "General Information" etc. If this seems difficult then work with one or two phrases. The point is to make your page more search engine friendly.
• Be sure to click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page when you're done.

Time for Action
Now is the time - don't put it off until later - take 5 minutes or less to go into your 'About' section and add keywords to your general information. It only takes 5 minutes!

Facebook in 5 Minutes in April from Qlixite
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