Thursday, May 2, 2013

Examples of Good, Bad and Ugly Coupons

In followup to our post "Make a Good Coupon to Increase Profits" - we wanted to give you our take on coupons that perform well (and not so well). To keep up good spirits we are just putting the promotions below without naming the company offering the coupon.

Good Coupons are 'Good' because they accomplish a Goal & Increase Sales

Spend $20 and get a $10 Gift Card - (Gift Shop) Granted ten dollars isn't huge but the amount I have to spend isn't too large guess what - I have to come back in a second time to spend my ten dollar gift card. Two visits for the price of one.
Everything Ships for $2.99 - (Online Box Store) This might not be such a big discount if I'm buying jewelry or a scarf but the company also sells furniture and appliances. Granted I'm sure they have built in shipping costs in their prices but the point is - it catches your attention that you could have a couch shipped for under three dollars.
25% Off - No Exclusions - (Department Store) This is a big eye catcher for me because it says there is no fine print. It's a coupon they only offer twice a year but you can bet I am looking for it every time and ready to shop when it hits.
Free Regular Maintenance Included for 2 Years - (Car Dealer) If I do an estimation that regular car check ups and oil changes usually runs from $300 to $500 depending on the brand, this is enticing especially because I know that I will be comfortable getting the car looked at regularly which increases re-sale value.
Family Plan - Flat Rate for Up to 5 People - (Chiropractor) I included this because if you are the type of business that can give group discounts - go for it! Its a great incentive to get the whole family to shop with you which will only instill more buyer loyalty.