Monday, October 20, 2014

Infographic: 3 Color Tests Every Logo Should Pass

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Secret to Creating Powerful Headlines that Get Customer’s Attention, Increase Your Sales and Make Your Life Easier!

YOUR GOAL – Capture more potential client attention with your marketing!

Take a look at the following formulas and create a DYNAMIC headline - for your business, website, social media post, advertising, etc. - that solves a problem, grabs attention and imprints your business name in the readers’ mind.

The examples in each formula make it easy to place your service or product in the headline to see what will be the best fit for you.

Headline Formula #1 - Who Else Wants…?

Starting a headline with “Who Else Wants…” is a classic ‘social proof’ strategy that connects with an existing desire or implied need. Universal needs – like more money and better health are powerful messages that people pay attention to but can get overused in the Internet marketing arena. Make your headline powerful but also specific to someone who would be interested in what you offer.
Who Else Wants the speed of a sportscar and the safety of an SUV?
Who Else Wants a Higher Paying Job?
Who Else Wants More Fun and Less Stress When on Vacation?

Headline Formula #2 - The Secret of/to…

This is an attention grabbing line that is popular with marketers because it works. As a general rule, people dislike the feeling that they are doing something wrong or missing out on something. When you plaster the word “secret” into what you’re offering – you are telling potential customers that you are sharing insider knowledge that they might not be able to get anywhere else.
The Secret of Creating Viral Videos on YouTube
The Secret to Getting More Fans on Facebook
The Secret of Getting Rich Doing What You Love!

Headline Formula #3 - Here is a Method that is Helping…

When it comes down to the basics of selling you must go beyond the features of your product or service and answer the question that EVERY customer wants to know…”What’s in it for me?” This formula focuses on how what you’re offering to your target audience will benefit them directly.
Here is a Method That is Helping Homeowners Save Hundreds on Insurance
Here is a Method That is Helping Children Learn to Read Faster
Here is a Method That is Helping New Writers Sell MORE Books.

Headline Formula #4 - Little Known Ways to…

This headline is a more intriguing (and less common) way to accomplish the same goals of headline formula #2 - “The Secret of…” headline. Again this is all about creating a desire to know the information being provided and exclusivity that you are the only one offering it.
Little Known Ways to Save Money When Shopping at the Grocery Store
Little Known Ways to Hack Google’s Gmail the Legal Way
Little Known Ways to Lose Weight Like the Movie Stars do (& it’s safe!)

Headline Formula #5 - Get Rid of [insert problem] Once and For All

This is a classic formula that identifies either a painful problem or an unfulfilled desire that the reader wants to remedy. The more intense and specific you are here – the more your customer can relate.
Get Rid of the Foods that are Killing You Once and For All
Get Rid of That Stubborn Carpet Stain Once and For All
Get Rid of That Lame Mullet Hairdo Once and For All

Headline Formula #6 - Here’s a Quick Way to…

People love easy answers when it comes to solving a nagging problem but knowing that it’s not going to take them a lot of time to achieve the end result adds further benefit.
Here’s a Quick Way to Lose 5 Pounds for Your Reunion
Here’s a Quick Way to Potty Train Your Little Boy
Here’s a Quick Way to Backup Your Hard Drive at Home

Headline Formula #7 - Now You Can Have…

This is the classic “have your cake and eat it too” headline — and who doesn't want that?
Now You Can Quit Your Job and Make Even More Money
Now You Can Meet Sexy Singles Online Without Spending a Dime
Now You Can Own a Cool Mac Computer and Still Run Windows

Headline Formula #8 - Do something like…

Gatorade milked this one fully with the “Be Like Mike” campaign featuring Michael Jordan in the early 1990s. You can use it successfully too!
Speak Spanish Like a Diplomat
Invest Your Money Like Warren Buffet
Blog Like an A-Lister

Headline Formula #9 - Have/Build a ….You Can Be Proud Of

This headline appeals to vanity, dissatisfaction, or shame. No need to say more.
Build a Lean Body You Can Be Proud Of
Have a White Smile You Can Be Proud Of
Build a Facebook Page You Can Be Proud Of

Headline Formula #10 - What Everybody Ought to Know About…

This headline creates a big curiosity draw and it acts almost as a challenge to the reader to go ahead and see if they are missing something.
What Everybody Ought to Know About Owning a Handgun
What Everybody Ought to Know About Adjustable Rate Mortgages
What Everybody Ought to Know About Unclogging Your Sink

Where to use your headlines?

Once you have your headline created (and it’s quite possible you have a few good ones) – you need to make sure these are prominent in your marketing. Don’t hide your headline at the bottom of your website – place it right at the top. Make sure it’s the first thing people read in your ad. Headlines attract the potential client to your service or product. An effective headline helps communicate what you offer by demonstrating how it fulfills a need or by peaking their curiosity to read on.

As many marketers point out – the goal of a headline is to get people to read more, learn more and eventually buy. Choose wisely, my friend and the world can be yours!

Need help creating your unique headline? Call us at 800-596-6218 or
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yahoo is Currently Recycling Inactive Email Accounts

Starting back on July 15th and going through August 15, Yahoo is engaging in a deactivation process of email accounts that have received no activity for the last 12 months.

Why is this good?
This is good news because Yahoo will soon make those inactive ID's available to new users.

Why this complicates things?

In a statment made to Wired, Yahoo is taking precautions to securely close these accounts. The actions include:
  • Sending bounce back emails to alert senders that the account has been deactivated and no longer exists.
  • Automatically unsubscribing deactivated accounts from commercial email databases including newsletters and email alerts.
  • Once deactivation is complete, they will send notification of these recycled accounts to merchants, financial institution, email providers, social networks and e-commerce sites.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5 Mistakes Businesses Make in Social Media

Who wants to make the same mistake twice? No one. Wise entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others...including the wild and crazy world of social media. The following are 5 mistakes that can set your social media campaign back. We don't want that to happen to you so take a moment to "learn" from these tips (we sure wish someone would have mentioned these in the beginning).

Mistake #1 - No Plan
Imagine if you started a business without a mission or business plan. Imagine you didn't know who your potential customer was or what products you were going to sell. Do you think it could be a recipe for disaster? The same goes for your social media. Take the time to plan your strategy BEFORE you dive in to posts and status updates. It will keep you focused in the long run and allow you more success.

Mistake #2 - Picking the Wrong Platforms
You can drive yourself crazy trying to manage twenty different social media sites and the odds are - unless you have a whole social media team - you won't excel at any of them because you are spread too thin. The idea is quality vs. quantity. Part of your Plan (stated above) is to consider where do your potential customers hang out. Is it Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest, YouTube? Ask your clients  and narrow your focus down to one or two sites.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Facebook Increases Security on Inappropriate Ads

Facebook has been modifying their security and enhancements over the last few months. Now they have updated their advertising guidelines in response to some concerns over the placements of ads.

Facebook posted the following statement - “Beginning [today], we will implement a new review process for determining which pages and groups should feature ads alongside their content. This process will expand the scope of Pages and Groups that should be ad-restricted. By the end of the week, we will remove ads from all Pages and Groups that fall into this new, more expansive restricted list.”

This review in process was made in response to some concerns from larger companies who advertise on Facebook who noticed that their ads were appearing alongside other ads containing inappropriate content. This kind of placement makes users doubt the validity of the company or ads and are less likely to click-through. Facebook will now evaluate and restrict ads that contain sexual, graphic or violent content. They have posted their community guidelines for business' reference which all advertisers are asked to comply.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Every Entrepreneur Can Learn from George Zimmer (and how he was fired!)

"You're going to like the way you look. I guarantee it." ~ George Zimmer

Over the last four decades, the founder of Men's Wearhouse has shined in the spotlight with his well priced men's fine clothing and deep bravado signature phrase...until last week when the Board of Directors fired him.

It can be emotional and disheartening to watch an icon of an industry dispelled by his own company. How could something like this happen? How can a brand built by a man who regularly embraces his image (Zimmer was forefront in most of the company's advertising) decide to fire their shining star.

This is where we - as fellow business owners - must take note. We are all striving for growth in our own endeavors. We want our company to be successful and earn recognition. Often one of the biggest struggles for start-ups is financial capital and so many of us are more than thrilled when the opportunity to gain investors appears. But just as there is reward...there is risk when you give away the control of your company. George Zimmer is feeling the pains of those risks now.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Examples of Good, Bad and Ugly Coupons

In followup to our post "Make a Good Coupon to Increase Profits" - we wanted to give you our take on coupons that perform well (and not so well). To keep up good spirits we are just putting the promotions below without naming the company offering the coupon.

Good Coupons are 'Good' because they accomplish a Goal & Increase Sales

Spend $20 and get a $10 Gift Card - (Gift Shop) Granted ten dollars isn't huge but the amount I have to spend isn't too large guess what - I have to come back in a second time to spend my ten dollar gift card. Two visits for the price of one.
Everything Ships for $2.99 - (Online Box Store) This might not be such a big discount if I'm buying jewelry or a scarf but the company also sells furniture and appliances. Granted I'm sure they have built in shipping costs in their prices but the point is - it catches your attention that you could have a couch shipped for under three dollars.
25% Off - No Exclusions - (Department Store) This is a big eye catcher for me because it says there is no fine print. It's a coupon they only offer twice a year but you can bet I am looking for it every time and ready to shop when it hits.
Free Regular Maintenance Included for 2 Years - (Car Dealer) If I do an estimation that regular car check ups and oil changes usually runs from $300 to $500 depending on the brand, this is enticing especially because I know that I will be comfortable getting the car looked at regularly which increases re-sale value.
Family Plan - Flat Rate for Up to 5 People - (Chiropractor) I included this because if you are the type of business that can give group discounts - go for it! Its a great incentive to get the whole family to shop with you which will only instill more buyer loyalty.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Increase Sales With Video on Your Business Website

As a business owner, new leads are valuable assets that drive your bottom line in the right direction.  Every lead in your pipeline (or store) arrived as a result of a variety of marketing avenues used to get them to your door.

Using video on your website effectively can  maximize your business marketing and followup process for new leads so you can make more $$$.

According to, there are 8 steps to earning and converting a sale:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Planning
  3. Approach
  4. Need Assessment
  5. Presentation
  6. Meeting Objections
  7. Gaining Commitment
  8. Follow-Up