Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Do I Set Up a Blog?

I get this question from many clients.  If a concept sounds too complicated, people just won’t do it and Blogging sounds difficult -- actually it sounds like a new language so it somehow gets put on the “To Do” list for tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. 

But….. Blogging is such an integral piece to effectively marketing your business, products and ideas via the internet you need to remove it from the “To DO” list and “DO It” today.  
Step by Step Blogger Instructions...............

So let’s get started. 

I use Blogger offered through Google.  It is easy and free and let’s face it – we want Google to find our page so why not go with their service. Google has other numerous services available and we will discuss those at a later time. 

To use Google’s Blogger you must sign up for a Google account.  If you already have a GMAIL account, you can sign into Blogger and begin setting up your Blog but for our purposes here, we will set up an account from the beginning. 

Click on “More” in the black menu bar at the top 

Click on “Blogger” 

Click on “Get Started” (the orange box) 

Complete the form to create your account 

Display name – reflects either the person’s name if the information is coming from a specific person or the business name if the information is business related. 

Example 1:  A blog from Dr Jones may be a medical blog and therefore signed by Dr Jones.

Example 2: A blog focused on car maintenance and repairs should show the display signer to be the business name for the best branding.

Click on “Continue” 

Blog Title - Choose a title that expresses the information you plan to cover in your blogs  

Blog Address:  The address can be either the company name, a person’s name or searchable words that express the content but remember this will be the address – a domain name for your blog.  The address will be:

Check Availability –   

Choose a Template – any one that suits your fancy – this can be changed later if you wish. 

Congratulations – You have set up your Blog and you are ready to start blogging!

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Next – What do I Blog About?

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