Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alt Code Cheat Sheet for Business

Sometimes, when writing a blog or social media post - you need a symbol. It could be the ♂ or Φ or ♥ or maybe even £. Going through your document software to insert the symbol can be annoying or depending on your comfort level - downright impossible. And in cases of social media - you don't get those kind of formatting options.

Cue the Alt Codes

We've all seen a friend or colleague use a little ♫ here or a cute ☼ there or maybe reference the Chinese Yen ¥ easily in an email. Now you can also look cool (and of course, professional) by using alt codes.

• How to make an alt code
• Popular alt codes we recommend
• Link to the cheat sheet on Pinterest

How to Make an Alt Code

Alt codes are created using the 'Alt' key on your keyboard and the number keys on the right side of your keyboard.

Step 1 | Hold down the Alt Key
Stap 2 | Punch in the number for the code you want
Step 3 | Release all keys (the symbol will appear)

Popular Alt Codes the We Recommend You Get Familiar With

Alt 7 = •
This code is great for making a manual bullet point without worrying about formatting. It can also divide content on websites (ie: Company Name • Phone • Website)

Alt 13 = ♪
Want to reference a song or lyric? Use the music notes. You could also double up with Alt 14 = ♫

Alt 124 = |
If you start paying attention - you'll see the vertical line everywhere. Like the bullet point, it also works great to divide content such as categories. (ie: Business | Personal | Retail | Wholesale)

Alt 175 = »
This is a great code to use when making a link. The double arrows are more universally known as "click here" or "click to go" so using this in your email or website can be positive. (ie: Click to Read More » ) Or you can use the opposite double arrow to create emphasis. (ie: » Go Here « )

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