Thursday, March 8, 2012

What is a BLOG and Why Should I BLOG?

Remind me again - What is a BLOG?

The word "blog" is one of the most searched words on the internet today. Why? This buzz word is searched because increasing numbers of people are trying to understand what blogging is about. A blog is a log or public "diary" posted online - A journal that is written for others to read. You can create blogs for personal, educational and informational reasons, business and corporate reasons or a multitude of other uses.

As a marketing tool, blogs offer great potential. Blogs have some truly unique characteristics as a marketing tool. Blogs are much easier than newsletters to get your idea across. They can be added to, and they can be updated at any time and from virtually anywhere. Blogs have long lasting shelf lives, as they exist on the internet until you decide to remove them. This contrasts to newsletters which once you send it out, it’s sent, hopefully read and gone. Unless you are just posting marketing materials, most blogs offer a large amount of information thus increasing you or your business’ credibility. Whether your blog is a personal blog or a business blog, viewers come to blogs expecting to find frank and personal perspectives on a topic that you are passionate about.

If you maintain your viewers and you respect the idea that you should be passionate about the content of your blog, then your credibility will go up, and this is what blogging is truly about. Blogs are easy to syndicate, meaning that you can get your information and opinions out there, and can allow them to spread. If you have an opinion to share, a product to sell, a brand to market or something else to say on the internet, and you think that people are going to want to read what it is that you have to say, then blogging is an excellent option.

If you do not have a blog that is associated with your business or your website, then now is an excellent time for you to start blogging. Blogging is an excellent addition to your marketing strategy. There are completely different dynamics when it comes to e-mail communication and blogging. Nothing facilitates conversation, communication and community the way that blogging does. There is no confusion about blogging being spam the way e-mails can. Blogs enhance your product, idea or brand.  Setting up a Blog is easy - go to "How to Set Up a Blog".  Want ideas to write about - go to 50 Blog Topics

So the answer to "Why Should I Blog?" is...... "Why Not?"

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