Thursday, March 7, 2013

Get Leads from Your Website with Effective Calls to Action

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I recently visited a website for a potential client who was taking advantage of our website review. She's a dentist who wants to get leads from her site but has not had one call over the last 5 years. It took me less than 5 minutes to figure out her main call to action.

Problem: Want More Leads from Your Website?
Many websites do not make it easy to do anything more than read. There's usually plenty of text and maybe some pictures but then what? Why should I stick around? How do I get started? Ask yourself these questions when looking at your business' website (specifically your home page) and then think about what kind of elements would make your customer "click." You don't want people to just "hang out" and look at your site. You want people to engage with your business which requires an effective call to action.

Solution: Add Compelling Calls to Action
A call to action is a feature on your website that demands a response from the visitor. It can be a button, linked text or a special graphic that is enticing. In a less-than-subtle way, it says "look at me" and in an equally overt manner it says "click here." Calls to action should not be hidden - they must stand out and grab attention in less than 5 seconds (that's usually how much time you get to make a web visitor take action.

Need Help Getting Leads?
Every website we design includes a custom lead "magnet" designed to make your website effective. We can also work to create a lead magnet for your current website. See how it works >

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