Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Include Social Icons & Links in Email Signatures

The process of adding social badges and links to your email signature will vary depending on your email provider. This will cover the basic steps but feel free to call us if you have questions.

Step 1 - Gather your social links
You will need to know the URL of the social media pages or website you would like to link to. (hint: URL's start with http:// or https://) Have these handy in a text document so you can copy and paste.

Step 2 - Open your email client & take the steps necessary to modify your signature for outgoing messages
Depending on your email provider this may be listed under options or customize settings. Navigate to the section where it will allow you to type/paste content that will appear in your signature.

Step 3 - Click Here to Choose Your Social Icons (Located and hosted on our public photo album)If it doesn't automatically open - click on the Social Icons gallery - it will open a screen that shows several social media icons. There's a variety to choose from - these are public icons and we offer no warranty or sale of the designs. We reserve the right to remove or replace icons at our discretion.

Step 4 - Copy the Social Badge You Want
Right click directly on the social media graphic (ie: Twitter, Facebook) and click "Copy" (Because our gallery is publicly hosted, these graphics can be included in your email signature without appearing as an attachment.)

Step 5 - Go to Your Email Signature & Paste
Go to the screen that has your email signature box - either right click and select paste or hold down the Ctrl+V (Control and 'V' Key). The social icon graphic should appear.

Step 6 - Type a Call to Action

Type a simple call to action (ie: Follow us, Become a Fan, Read our Articles) next to the graphic. (It helps to give people a reason to connect - ie: 'Like us for Coupons')

Step 7 - Link the Call to Action
Highlight the text (not the graphic) and click the email link button (usually a globe or a chain link image). Then copy the corresponding link from Step 1 and paste it into the link box. Click Ok. You may need to hit enter or the spacebar in between the graphics for proper layout.

Repeat steps #4 through #7 until all badges are pasted in and the calls to action are linked. Click Save and Voila - your signature is done!

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