Monday, June 18, 2012

Facebook Page Admins - New Roles

Facebook is an ever-changing forum of capabilities for business owners. In a interesting twist of events, admins of Facebook business pages now have tiers with different capabilities for each role. There are five different types of admin roles: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser, and Insights Analyst. Having the option of these different roles and responsibilities can be great tool for you, as an admin, and for your business page. Instead of all admins having the SAME options to create content, remove and invite other admins, and change Page settings - admins can split up the responsibilities. Think of the possibilities – different tasks for different roles.

Managers have the widest range of capabilities for the business page. Not only can they edit and create posts, but they can manage the Business Page’s admins, create ads, edit applications, and view the Business Page’s insights. It’s the most powerful tier of the five apps. All admins will begin as managers untilyou assign a different role.

Content Creators have all the functionalities of the Manager, except for being able to manage admin roles. Content Creators can post as the Page, respond to comments, and view insights.

Moderators are great for managing the business Page’s fan base by responding to Page comments, likes, and messages. Community managers can devote their precious time to interacting with what really drives a Page: its fan base. Interacting with a fan base is key and lending a personal touch to your posts in the form of responses to fans is invaluable in creating your brand as one that fans can really interact with.

Advertisers can create ads which will in turn drive fans to your business Page and hopefully become fans – perfect for a brand’s marketing team.

Insights Analysts are limited to viewing the business Page’s insights and interactions with fans. It’s ideal for someone who needs to learn the ins and outs of FB, such as an intern or a social media volunteer. It can be overwhelming to get thrown into FB’s admin panel, so let’s slowly wade in.

Facebook’s new admin roles allow admins to divide and conquer when it comes to managing the diverse elements of your Facebook Business Page.

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