Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Create a Branding Website not a Resume for Your Business

It is accepted that every business must have at least a one page website to compete in today's market but the critical question is - what is your one website or many page website saying?  In seconds, a prospective customer can see everything they need to know about whether or not to do business with you.

What is written and how it is written on your website sends a subtle message about you and how knowledgeable and serious you are about your business and your services and products. Too many websites are written like a resume for the business rather than a problem solving option for the customer.  The website is all about the business and not about the customer and his needs.  Meeting the clients' needs should be the most important point.  Customers really don't care how long you have been in business as long as you can perform. Keep the resume and list of services for the 'About Us' page.
A brand is the entire experience a prospect or customer has with your company.  From websites to how the receptionist answers the phone,  For our purpose here we will discuss the website. So how do I create a brand, you ask? Step one, identify the problems or issues that your products or services solve - then focus on the top three. What is your message? To simplify the process - pose a descriptive question that creates emotion or allows the customer to relate?  An example would be "Are you tired of high heating bills?" Who isn't tired of this but the client is prompted to read further for information which may help him with a solution. Offer the solution and position yourself and your business site as the "go to" place for answers.  This is the start to building your brand and who you are.
The next blog will discuss the importance of the images conveyed and how colors and design play a role in your brand. 
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