Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Facebook in 5 Minutes - Cover Pic 101

Today's Tip is centered on promoting your Facebook Business Page by creating a compelling cover pic that represents your business and meets Facebook's new Timeline guidelines.

What is a Cover Pic?
When Facebook changed all business pages to the new Timeline format, all pages now have the option for a large rectangle picture to display at the top the page. If you have not uploaded or chosen a picture as your cover - you probably see a blank space.

Dimensions - 851 x 315 pixels
Not sure what a pixel is? If you don't have a graphic artist who understands this form of measurement (you won't find it on any ruler), it measures about 2.75" x 1.0". This will seem very small so as long as you create a picture with this proportions, Facebook will shrink it when you up load the image.

Format - Its an Image
This should be a flattened graphic in a jpeg, png or tiff format. Text formats like MS Word are not going to be compatible. Click here if you need help.

New Policies - the Don'ts
Cover photos cannot include:
A. Price or purchase information , such as "40% Off" or "Download at our Website"
B. Contact information such as website address, email or other info that should be located in the "About" section
C. References to Facebook features or actions such as "Like" or "Share" or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features.
D. Calls to action such as "Get it now" or "Tell your friends."
Failure to adhere to these new policies could result in Facebook's removal of your page.

These are some big changes since many people used their profile pic to push visitors to 'like' them as well as promote sales. These functions can now be handled through a tab.

How to Make a Cover Pic Work for You?
This picture will represent your business in a large way. This is not the time to upload a pic of your dog or grandchild. This is the opportunity to BRAND your business or product. Most people will decide in 7 seconds whether they want to stay on a webpage. Your cover is your chance to HOOK them in.

Picture of your storefront or inside your store - take a GOOD pic. Not one that shows dirty floors and paint peeling. Draw attention to the assets of your business.
Portfolio of Work - If you create, produce or build something, show it off!
Behind the Scenes - Remember your fans want to believe that they get the inside scoop by being a fan of your business so let them in on the secrets. For example, if I was a chocolatier, I might show a pic of someone making an intricate piece of chocolate.
Something that appeals to your fan's inner desires - If I owned an auto repair shop, I might show a pic of a winding open road with a statment because I know my fans would rather be driving carefree than having their wheels in the shop. My statement plays into the idea that my business will get them back on the road.
An image and statment reflecting your company mission - If you excel at service, broadcast it here. How can you sum up your business in a compelling sentence and picture that makes people take notice?

Time for Action
Take a moment to creat your cover picture. This is not set in stone. You can change it every day if you want though we recommend once a quarter or monthly as needed when timely. When you have your image, go to your business page and hover on your cover pic  - a box will pop up that says 'Change Cover'. Most of the time you will choose to 'Upload Photo'. You may have to reposition your image but one you save it - you're done! It only takes 5 minutes but the impressions can last much longer!

Facebook in 5 Minutes in April from Qlixite
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